So my younger brother came home about two weeks and he told me an older boy in
his class pushed him and busted his lower lip. The cut was pretty ugly and I was livid
with anger. I wanted to go to his school the next morning and give the boy the talk of
his life and report him to the class teacher. As soon as I mentioned it to my brother
that I was going to confront the classmate he protested saying I should not bother that
he has it all under control. I was surprised. Here I was thinking he will appreciate my
effort and probably boast that he has a senior sister who could always hold it down for
him anytime. Quietly I agreed with him that I'll let him handle it so as to retain his
trust and confidence. Over the next few days I was puzzled. Was he being bullied, was
he hiding something? Two weeks later whilst discussing with him. I asked him if he
later resolved the issue with his classmate. He said Yes and I asked how? He said that
when it happened he knew it was a mistake and that's why he didn't want me to
confront him. He also said that the next day he noticed the classmate was avoiding
him so he walked up to him and asked why. When he could not talk. He then asked
him"is it because of what you did yesterday?" You should have apologized .I know it
was a mistake. He said he apologized and thanked him for not telling my parents. He
then said he was scared for injuring me and he didn't know what to do. My brother
then concluded with "Not everyone is actually wicked some people don't know what
to do when they hurt someone. Maybe its just the way they grew up. He's now my
friend, he's just big he is a very nice boy. He left me by saying “Thank you for
allowing me deal with this" I was stunned. How many times have I judged people
without trying to understand the reason for their actions? How many times have I
blamed people for what they are actually ignorant of? How many times have I acted
hastily and ruined friendships that would have carried me through a life time. I
wouldn't know but I had learnt a very profound lesson which I would carry with me
For any of such experiences feel free to share. You might just be encouraging or
teaching someone out there


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