By Oluwashola Olamide Opeyemi

What do your clothes says about you? sometimes the color we choose ligrained in our lifestyle.our clothes,shoes,tattoos,piercing,cosmetic surgery are all part of fashion.its shapes our identity in forms of age,gender,class and so on and this shed more light on whom we are and makes us understand ourselves better.

Fashion in Age
there is a certain social standard for how we should dress at different stages in our lives.Most times we dress according to our age example when you are at the age of seven,you cant dress like a 40 year old lady.oftentimes from a very young age, women have been taught how to dress according to their occasions. Many of us use clothes to represent our ages, whether the actual one, or how we feel inside, and as we grow older, our fashion sense usually changes with it. Fortunately,

When we’re born, clothing typically reflects our gender – boys are in blue and girls in pink. But as we grow older and begin to develop likes and dislikes, we utilize fashion as the self-expression needed to convey our genders, whether actual or desired, to the world.
How much money we make helps determine which brands we can afford, where we will acquire clothing, and how we will dress. Luxury names, branded handbags and clothing, and the ability to afford more cosmetic procedures, which are often out of reach for most people, may become an important part of a wealthy person’s life. Whereas, someone on the opposite end may find themselves shopping at thrift stores, or possibly struggling to maintain a clean, tatter-free wardrobe. Our clothing is a stark reminder of our identities, whether we like it or not.Its adviceable to wear what we can afford and make sure we look decent and unique its not compulsory we wear the most expensive dress or bags and at the end of the day it gives a bad definition of whom we are
Self esteem
Although you don’t have to be rich to look nice and to buy new clothes, when you can’t afford any at all, then self-esteem and self-worth can, understandably, take a hit.if you have a favorite dress that gives you a perfect look in all the right places then you should understand how clothing can have a direct effect on you self esteem.

The way we dress is like communicating without words, and whether we like it or not, other people judge us by our appearances. The effect that fashion has on our identity is very high and most neglects the notations and just dress anyhow without considering the identities it will give.some even leads to sexual assault- it’s up to us to change them.

I hope this helps,kindly log on to our next fashion series for more tips

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