AR – Augmented reality is the combination of a real scene viewed by a user and a virtual scene generated by a computer that augment the scene by additional information.

VR – Virtual reality is the perception of being physical present in a non-physical word which simply means using a glass to get the digital information overlay.

AI – Artificial intelligence: is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. AI enables machines to think and act like human brains. It analyzes human behavior in the process of solving a problem and making a decision

Element of virtual reality that increase the immersiveness of the experience

  1. Freedom of movement
  2. Physical interaction
  3. Physical feedback
  4. Conformance to human vision
  5. Continuity of surroundings


All these three new technology have a great impact on all aspect of work which it can also generate more income and also use to see an imaginary place on a spot


  1. Marketing and advertisement: Consumer data (what they like and what they see/look)
  2. Engineering: 3D visualization, colleague collaboration and communication
  3. Industrial and manufacturing: Guided training, Improve support and factory diagnostics
  4. Health care: More efficient patient care, Surgical training and visualization
  5. Education: Immersive interactive visual learning, self-guided, transforming learning experience.
  6. Emergency response: Police, fire response, Potential improvement in safety.
  7. Military: Instructional training, In-the field assistance
  8. Retail: Navigation to product and personalized coupons, Try before you buy e.g. clothes, shoes, car, shopping etc.

 –By Olutunde Rasheedat Oluwatosin

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