Technological advancement today has helped the world in redefining life thus creating opportunities never experienced by the previous generation. However with opportunities come the miserable feel of a loss of sense of direction. Young minds join the fray of job seekers hoping to be turned into sausage.
And the hell no compounds the woe as pressure makes them miserable while they see many of their friends surrender their professional lives to the control of their employers.
What can be done instead? How best can you change the trajectory or at best advance the ball across the board?

Think about the most important thing for you in the next job.
Creating a list of expectation in order of priorities can be the best bet for a career choice. Such list may include, happiness, financial prospect, power, status etc. everything listed got a chance in defining the deal and deserve to be included.
Seek advice from people in similar career paths
Seeking advice from individuals in a career path can help define your lives goals. Experts do have a better understanding of what you envisage, and in a world which has become hyper competitive, understanding what it takes to reach a destination may prepare you for the tasks ahead.
Understand what an employer stands for
Various organizations today require role to be filled by prospects. So given the fact that both the employer and the prospective employees are in a quest to seal a deal. Understanding your needs or what you envisage must measure up to how best the firm can satisfy your most prioritized requirement. Better still request information about the highlighted vacancies so you can understand how best to start in meeting or outpacing the previous occupant.
Be prepared for other opportunities
Just as Baden-Powell explains to his Boy Scout organization, “Be prepared”. Opportunities are best enjoyed with preparedness. Once you are in a job think of better way you can develop, either through programs or refresher courses. Because your next job may be the deal breaker.

Remember, every man is the author of his own fate, giving your employer the power to define your lives self-worth is a gamble which may plague you later in life.

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