Securing your smart homes makes life easier and more convenient. But to make sure it is secured very well or to ensure more privacy, you must make sure no bad actors can wrest control from you. Here’s how to secure your smart home so only you can have the access.

The question is, Can a smart home be hacked? Yes it can be hacked with just a simple Google search and once hackers have access to all your IoT devices, like a camera, they can create an entire network of these camera models controlled remotely.

Smart home security starts with your router. This device serves as the main connection between your gadgets and the outside world, so uninvited visitors can exploit it to gain access to your wireless gear. To stop them, you must protect your home Wi-Fi with a password. If you’re relying on the default code that came with the router change it now by choosing a new Wi-Fi password instantly resets the router’s security, kicking off malicious hackers and access-stealing neighbors alike.

Here are some tips on changing a password

  1. Make sure to pick a long phrase that is difficult for anyone else to guess but easy for you to remember.
  2. For extra peace of mind, keep swapping out that code on a fairly regular basis i.e by changing the password often and often.
  3. Not sure how to switch up your Wi-Fi password? You typically perform the task by logging into your router through a web browser and if you don’t know the site to visit, go to your router manual to find instructions. If that fails, look up these directions online by running a quick web search for the name of your router model.
  4. Look for references to software updates on the web page about your router’s settings.
  5. Refresh your router software and update your smart gadgets as well.

Protect your Gadget

Try to update your gadget from time to time, should be fairly straightforward on all your smart devices. When you first set up this gear, you should see an explanation of how it installs updates. In most cases, this happens automatically, so you won’t have anything to worry about or you can manually check whether a refresh is pending. If you’re not sure again check the instructions that came with your device or visit the support section of the manufacturer’s website for more details.

Maintain good security habits

Every smart-home gadget has its own security settings. Still, many of them follow the same general rules. Here are the steps you should take with any smart device.

First, if you can protect any of your gadgets with a password, then do it. Remember, don’t reuse a password that you already have in place somewhere else.

Also recommend buying smart home devices from companies you trust, it can easily connect to your home network and, potentially, to other devices on it. Choose companies that deserve your trust.

Finally, keeping your smart home secure means protecting all your other connected gear as well. Everything on the same Wi-Fi network is connected, which means removing browser extensions on your laptop can help keep your smart plugs safe.Update the software and regularly change your Wi-Fi password and try keep everything with a web connection, that means computers, phones, and tablet up to date.

-By Olutunde Rasheedat Oluwatosin

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