The overlap of social media and marketing has created new patterns and discoveries.
This scourge has seen the rise of bloggers and media personalities, who create social
communities, where their thought and ideas reshape consumer behaviors.
With the abundance of influencers comes the challenge of who best fit your needs
and desired outcomes especially as you try to scale up your branding and sales. How
do you navigate tons of influencers across various niches staring at you? Here are
what you should look forward to as you buy into the influencer marketing idea.
1. Genuineness
Understanding how distinct your influencer in the said industry or he/ she
belongs can help redefine your brand strategy. What brands do they represent?
Better still how vocal and consistent are they on the societal scheme. These are
unanswered question that should shape your choice of influencer because the
distinct quality of your choicest influencer can be the cutting edge your product
will have over competitor in similar field.
2. Communicative prowess
How frequent does the influencer communicate with his audience. How factual
are his content, does he create forum for engagement where individuals can
interact in person. Answering this question can help narrow down your choice
and solve bordering questions. True interaction involves feedback, if your
influencer doesn’t answer this question, you may reconsider.
3. Followership size
Does my influencer have large social media following, how dedicated his/her
are audience and fans, how many product or services has he promoted. Large
social media following can be beneficial in that it helps in measuring social
responses and public perception about such individuals. However, a post that
generates thousands and thousands of likes and comments may not change

consumer behavior, especially if the picture or the person who posted it is not
related to your brand and target market you so desire.
Selecting the best influencer type to represent your brand should never be an
exercise driven by the whims of your ad agency creative director or the
personal taste. Properly chosen influencer type can define your brand’s value,
strengthen and support your brand positioning, enable greater awareness and
customer recall, and distinguish your brand among its alternatives. Go for the

By: Ebenezer Onimisi-Momoh



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