By Olugbemisola Michael

Poise should be a natural thing in fashion because every dress style has its unique poise. The poise that goes with a flowing dress or skirt is different from that of a short dress. Nick Curtis gives this explanation “O!Don’t slouch! Shoulders back and straighten that spine! Nobody stoops to conquer any more. A glance at current tailoring trends, TV series and even the latest in health and fitness is enough to tell you that poise is back”.

In your high heel shoes with a flowing dress, straighten your legs, hold your dress a little upward and have a slow cat-walking move, no rush, practice it consistently and you get used to it.
However, it is a different scenario when you are wearing a tailored to fit short dress and skirt, shoulders back and straighten that spine, fast cat-walking movement. Crossed legs are super for your sitting posture; it makes you feel good about yourself.

Men are not left out of poise. Recent arrival of menswear collections from John Lancaster suits are lightweight, but the shape, he says, “necessitates exceptional posture at all times”. The fitted trouser and smart suit make you to keep your head up high and your spine straight. And it seems that everyone is reaching for clothing that improves posture but the poise part is being neglected.
Noël Kingsley, author of Perfect Poise, Perfect Life, says “Having good poise is about being free, expansive and breathing well. Current clothing fashions have turned a corner and it’s now no longer so cool to slouch”. Guys, trending fashion has its own poise, imbibe the culture.

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