Nigerians and Their Technology Usage

Most people of the world have a very keen interest in technology products and gadgets, and Nigerians are no exception. We all look forward to the release of a new gadget but when we get our hands on these new ‘toys’ we don’t really use them to their full potentials. In Nigeria, a lot of people have access to at least one technological device, be it theirs or a relative.  With each new release or update of a device comes increased battery life, improved networking speed, and higher resolution screens. It will get to a point where a smartphone’s computing power will surpass that of a laptop. You might ask yourself what all of this has to do with Nigerians not using technology to their full potentials. The truth is that with each new update usually comes a seemingly increased complexity of a device. This increases the difficulty of learning how to operate technological devices. We Nigerians need to take the time out to experiment; people should take 5-10 minutes to look through the manual of the device and look through its applications to understand what It can do.

The reason why we have to do this as Nigerians is that the knowledge about our technology helps us to explore them and use them to make us live and work more efficiently. For instance, the average worker had a lot of responsibilities to juggle from paying bills and taking care of the family before going to work. These average workers have a lot to remember and as peculiar it might sound, a lot of them don’t realize that there are applications that they can install on their devices to make their lives easier. From banking apps for paying bills to apps like vantage and other pre-installed apps that can be used to create very detailed schedules for months or years in advance. When performing a task/responsibility is conducive and not time consuming, we are able to do more important things that would benefit us and in turn make us richer as a nation.


Pemisin Bandy-Toyo

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