By Olugbemisola Michael

We have very good and talented fashion designers in Nigeria that have designs and sewing styles that are competing with their international counterparts. Both famous and the upcoming ones are doing great works. I love their designs and concept when checking through (lushworldoutfit and aladukeh) Instagram page.

Last year, I visited YABATECH School of Art and Designs, a place where great minds are being nurtured. I saw students putting their ideas and concepts in drawings, cutting pattern, sewing beautiful dresses and men’s wear. It was a mind blowing experience. Great work is being done there; year in year out talented designers are being produced, in fact I appreciate the effort of their lecturers.

However, questions keep on rolling into my mind, how can their brands be promoted globally that they become household name all over the world? How can they use their talent to contribute to the economic output of Nigeria? Why are we suffering as a nation despite our wealth of talented and highly intellectual minds?
Then, I came to a conclusion that majority of our people do not appreciate our indigenous brands. If they do not see a known brand on wears, they are not going to buy. It amazes me as well when I see a fashion designer wearing readymade china wears; it sends a wrong message to people out there. You can never see a Chinese designer doing that. Thus, this prompted our upcoming designers to start using popular label on their works to get people to buying them not knowing that they are indirectly promoting foreign brands. Unfortunately, for the ones who do not despise the day of little beginning and sticks to growing their brands, majority of them get discouraged along the way, abandon their professional path and pick up a paid job. How can we encourage and promote their brand individually and collectively?

Indigenous brands are good, tailor-made to suit ones taste. We should encourage, patronize and be proud of these brands. Indirectly, we would be promoting them which will also increase our economic output as a nation. Let’s love proudly made in Nigeria designer bags, shoes, wears and other fashion items. Fashion designers should also be proud to use their labels on their products.
Your label is very necessary for promoting your brand.

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