Sterling is future England captain- Southgate.

England manager Gareth Southgate has praised  Raheem claiming that the young star has what it takes to be a future international captain.

This came day after the netted three goals in a 5-0 win over the Czech Republic on Friday.

The Man City star has become a key influence on England’s next generation of stars, with Jadon Sancho among those hailing the 24-year-old’s example.

Southgate was quoted as saying “We’ve had three or four players captaining the team, and Raheem is developing lots of the qualities those guys have,” Southgate said.

“He has those qualities. It’s difficult to talk about a potential captain when the captain [Harry Kane] is in the hotel waiting to go out for dinner, but in terms of his personal qualities, he’s shown some outstanding personal qualities.”

Southgate who  revealed last week that Sterling has joined Kane in the team’s captain group”, which also consists of Jordan Henderson, Eric Dier, Fabian Delph and Ashley Young.

“I decided to promote him into the leadership group in between November and March, observing his maturity and influence,” Southgate said.

“I think when you speak to other young players, he’s one of the first they speak about making them feel really comfortable in the environment. That was a really important move for him.”.

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