By Isaiah Ogunrinola:

One beautiful Christmas afternoon, when I was still very young, after the church service, we took pictures and thereafter set off home. My parents instructed me, “Do not leave your Brother”; just after moving a few miles away from the church, my brother told me to wait somewhere and he crossed to the other side of the road. Instead of waiting at the other side of the road as directed by my brother; I decided to follow immediately but while crossing to the other side, I was almost knocked down by a fast-moving vehicle.

‘Why did you not wait where I asked you to?’ My brother asked. I could not say a word for I was terrified. Although I was grateful to God for saving my life that day, the fact is, I had disobeyed an instruction that almost took my life.

Many times, our greatest undoing in life is failing to obey simple instructions. While it is very good to follow our instincts in some decision-making activity, some basic instructions from people much older or more experienced than us should be followed in our career, church, school, and other organizations, we belong to. It makes things easier.

Agnes Allen once said, “When all else fails, read instructions”.  By doing that, you will most likely get a solution to your questions and if not, an idea may come that is relevant to the questions.

“Instructions and wise counsel is to the heart as light is to Dark places”- Albert Bright Avuokeye.

Beware, disobeying instructions will darken the light places and makes it very difficult for us to proceed. BE WISE!

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