Fashion is about expressing your identity by showing someone who you are through your fashion choices and using your clothes to tell someone something about you.

Traditional wears is often used to indicate national, cultural or religion identity. Exotic fabrics, accessories are incorporated into people’s dressing and becomes a tradition. Fashion trends nowadays can make people forget their tradition and origin but with the help of schools, churches, institutions, even traditional weddings, they recognized the importance of tradition and they give students chances to show off their tradition

Importance of traditional wears

  1. We preserve our tradition through dress
  2. Traditional wears gives inherited ways of feeling, thinking or doing.
  3. Ideas of tradition is kept alive in the minds of who are farthest from it with traditional wears
  4. To show off that you value your cultural tradition
  5. To show love and respect for your tradition

Traditional wear is not commonly worn everyday anywhere in the world. Interestingly we have online store for cultural pride, we should not allow trending things in fashion industry to make us forget our origin, and those things we learnt from it.

-By Oluwashola Olamide Opeyemi

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