By Isaiah Ogunrinola:

Mobile phones, since its invention in 1973 have been one of the most important commodities for human usage. It’s been something we can almost not do without. No wonder, someone opines that there are more mobile phones than the toothbrush. However fictitious the story may sound, it’s estimated that we have 5.1 billion mobile subscribers which form 67% of the world population which stands at 7.6 billion. In Nigeria, the first set of mobile phones dated back to 2001 with Econet and MTN leading the way as the network providers with the use of Nokia 5510, Nokia 7710, Motorola Time Port, Nokia 3310, Sharp J-SH04, Samsung SGH-600 phones. etc. The most popular of them all was the Nokia 3310 because of its strong battery life and ruggedness.

Times have passed and the use of android phones has taken over the monotonic phones. As important as it is to use, many of us do not use our phones properly, or we do careless things that could do serious damage to our data (or our reputations).

What you should not do with your Smart Phones.

1.    Do not overcharge your phones

Stop the practice of charging your smartphone for long hours, as this may lead to overheating. Always remember to unplug once the phone is charged.

2.    Avoid keeping your Smartphones in the chest pocket

While experts have debated this, doctors suggest that people should avoid keeping transmitting device in the chest pocket of the shirt citing health reasons.

3.  Do not plug in your earphones and listen to music while charging a phone

Recently, several news reports revealed that plugging your earphones to listen to music while your phone is charging may lead to electrocution. Several deaths relating to smartphone electrocution have been reported as a result of this habit.

4.    Do not sleep with your smartphones nearby

Never sleep with your smartphone nearby, especially underneath the pillow. Not only is it risky, but research has shown that mobile devices interfere with brain signals during sleep and it affects sound sleep.

5.    Do not expose your smartphone to direct sunlight, especially while charging

Avoid charging your Smartphone in direct sunlight or other hot places near the car dashboard (of course during the day) especially for long hours. This may make the heating issue worse. The accepted temperature is usually 0 to 45-degree centigrade.

6.    Never charge your phone on uneven surfaces

Many of us do this, leaving our smartphones under the pillow to charge. This too needs to be avoided as it may cause your smartphone to overheat and catch fire.

7.    Do not exert pressure on your smartphone

Another thing to avoid is pressure. Try not to exert pressure on your smartphone, by keeping it under a heavy item in your bag or keeping it in a tight hip pocket; it can damage the touchpad and the screen.

8.    Avoid charging your phone in power strip extension cord or multi-plug

As a precaution, it’s always better not to charge your smartphone on those power strip extension cords. This is because if any device in one of the sockets in the cord is affected, it is sure to cause damage to your smartphone as well.

9.    Do not get your smartphones repaired from unauthorized shops

This too is a must follow. Always get your smartphone repaired only at authorized centers. This is important to ensure that its circuit board and delicate parts are severely not damage. Also, unauthorized shops can harvest your data or install malicious apps without your knowledge.

10.    Never use cheap adapters to charge your smartphones

It’s advisable to use the charger that comes with your smartphone (manufacturer’s original charger). In case the charger gets lost or starts malfunctioning, always replace it with branded chargers. Fake and unbranded chargers pose one of the biggest risks.

11.    Do not forget to remove jacket the while charging

Though not always possible, it is advisable to remove the jacket while charging your smartphone as this could restrict heat dissipation while charging.

12.    Avoid taking calls or playing games while charging mobile

If you tend to play games, watch videos or talk over the phone while it is charging then you should stop doing it. The phone not only gets overheated unnecessarily there are chances of electrocution as well.

13.    Do not download apps from unknown sources

Downloading apps from anywhere other than official app stores is a big no. These apps not only steal your data but can also cause irreparable damage to your smartphone through installing malware or virus; also most of these apps are spyware and may track your movements.

14.    Never plug earphones or charger to the smartphone when the phone is wet or when you take it out of sweaty pant pockets

This is common sense; don’t plug anything to a wet phone. Also, sometimes unknowingly, your phone gets moist inside sweaty pant pockets, be sure of that before you plug something.

15.    Do not keep your phone unlocked

The smartphone contains personal information and it is always recommended that you secure your smartphone by using either biometric authentication like a fingerprint or using a tough password.



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