Negative Effect of Fashion in Our Daily Lives

By: Oluwashola Olamide Opeyemi

  1. Copy Cat- The world of fashion is so competitive that designers and imposters are stealing designs. Some emulate the exact style and sell them for more, some sell them for cheaper and some sell them for full price, but claims the product is the real deal.  Even top designers copy the designs of other well-known and classic designs, this leads to nothing new and fresh.

    2. Inaccurate Portrayal- The Fashion business sells their products through branding and advertising with the use of barely developed really thin models.  The average women have curves and is not all a size zero.  They are displaying an inaccurate portrayal of real women. 20 years ago, bodies like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were appreciated and accepted for their curves and for how relatable their body image was to women in society. Today, figures that are 5’10 tall weighing at 100 pounds is considered the ideal beauty and what real women should look like. The influence the showcasing of these images lead women to feel insecure about their body. Women feel that their body image is not ideal.

    3. Staying skinny- The negative is the support of the use of really thin and unhealthy models. Years before, the average model weighed 8% less than the average woman, today she weighs 23% less.  It seems as if the standard for thinness in the fashion industry is growing in a negative rate.

    4. Materialistic- Fashion put so much emphasis on appearance and pressure to have all of the latest trends and expensive brands, it teaches young people that clothes and materialistic items are the most important thing. It sends the wrong message that in order to be pretty and popular, you must have the newest outfits and the latest brands. This gives off the impression that personality is not a factor in shaping who you are.

    5. Child labor- Big fashion companies search for cheap and less developed countries to hire young children to work for long hours and low wages. This fashion company takes advantage of these young children desperation for money. Because most of these countries do not have laws to protect children from being exploited they cannot negotiate their wages with these big fashion companies.

    6. Fashion defines us. We let fashion tell us whether or not we are pretty or if we are cool enough. The fashion industry sends the message that to be beautiful. We let fashion influence what we feel about ourselves. Self-esteem is the major motivator to why consumers purchase these products because we are brainwashed that these products will help us be ideal.

Another negative factor of fashion is the number of time kids put into fashion. They are so consumed in the world of fashion and looking perfect that it takes up a lot of their time when they can be doing other things such as going outside and enjoying nature.

7. Influence on others- fashion can influence the way others think of us.

8. Distortion- The way the fashion industry portrays women, it can influence and warp the way we feel about our bodies. People feel that their body is not ideal compared to models on fashion runways and fashion magazines and can lead insecurities.

In conclusion, It is important that we encourage self-love and positivity so as not to fall into this trap of self-hatred. Also wearing makeup always makes us lose the value of self-expression and being confident in your own skin. The wrong value that looks are more important than character traits or social skills, Those Cosmetic products have toxic ingredients in them and are putting our skin at a greater risk for cancer. The industry shields us from seeing the danger in their products. Let’s take note of this negativity and work against them. I hope this helps. Thanks

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