Fashion on Our Daily Lives

By Oluwashola Olamide Opeyemi

Take a moment to look around and notice how influential fashion is in your everyday life. From birth to death, fashion is utmost. The looks you see today may be gone tomorrow. Do you stop and think about what you are wearing or how good someone else looks and you may like to copy the look too?

We have television shows that show trending fashion styles, even in every movie or television programs, they carefully choose what looks they want to portray. Also, the advert we run, it may not be about fashion but the clothes, makeups and all are a subliminal way of catching audience they are geared too. In the religion aspect, fashion helps us to be able to differentiate or recognize the Muslim from Christians. Fashion is a way of life

In conclusion, fashion is a way of life that influence the way we think, act and look. We should not be influenced negatively but positively. We should not be carried away by what we see and we should always be comfortable with what we wear. In the next article, we will talk about the positive and negative effects of fashion. We should take note of the positive part and adhere to the negative ways. Thank you

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