Awesome Benefits of Becoming an Entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurs are the only people who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week,” says ‘Shark Tank’ investor Lori Greiner. While this may be tongue-in-cheek, it is true that entrepreneurs have built a reputation for breaking out of the mold and working hard to live a certain kind of life.

The benefits of entrepreneurship are incredibly rewarding. Read on to discov greatest perks of becoming an entrepreneur, and find out how you can experience these advantages while starting your small business.

1. A flexible schedule
So many people begrudge the office routine that it’s called the “9-to-5 grind.” As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to break out of that cycle and create your own schedule. Start your day early if you’re a morning person, work later in the day if you prefer evenings, and take an afternoon jog whenever the fancy strikes.

2. Creating a career that aligns with your values
Aligning your personal values with career values is an intensely gratifying experience. Someone who believes in respecting the environment, for instance, would probably find a career in renewable energy incredibly fulfilling. 

You don’t have to find that perfect job; create it! Entrepreneurship allows you to fashion a life and career that directly align with your core values, like helping others, saving the environment, or putting family first.

3. Constant growth and development
Starting a company forces you to constantly improve your skill set, from marketing to closing deals to creating Excel reports. There is always more to learn and apply to your business, which can prevent complacency and encourage constant professional growth.

4. Unexpected and thrilling experiences
If you are considering becoming an entrepreneur, you probably appreciate the value of the unexpected. Not knowing exactly how the day is going to play out when you wake up is exciting, especially when compared to the predictable and monotonous schedule of a traditional office job. Another related benefit: responding to unexpected situations teaches you to live in the moment and be more present. 

5. Choosing who to work with
Entrepreneurs can choose which clients to work with, employees to hire, and partnerships to pursue. If having control over business relationships appeals to you, the entrepreneur’s life may be the perfect fit.

6. Greater self-confidence
Nothing boosts your confidence more than battling self-doubt and coming out on top. Many entrepreneurs become more confident in their self-sufficiency as time goes on and they see what they are truly capable of. 

7. Leadership experience
Self-discipline, communication skills, passion, optimism, patience, and unrelenting work ethic. Building a company from the ground up hones these leadership traits, which means that entrepreneurship can transform you into an inspiring leader both professionally and personally.

8. The best “offices”
Digital nomads are becoming increasingly common. These types of entrepreneurs often combine fun travel with online business, and work from cafes, hotels, and co-working spaces in the coolest cities around the globe, which can make for some neat “offices.” Even if you aren’t trekking the world, the ability to work from a local park, a beautiful café, or even a home office (while wearing pajamas), is incredibly tempting.

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