By: Aina Joseph Oluwagbogo

Life can be miserably miserable when what you do to amaze ceases to draw attention
Life can be miserable when reactions you get makes you feel you’re not important
Life can be miserable when you feel not needed.
Everybody wants to feel important one way or the other, everyone deserves being important
A little appraisal every now and then makes the less important feel royal.
There is always a good side of everybody
A little word of encouragement can make the most depressed soul alive again.
Good people make bad decisions but that doesn’t make them become bad. No one should penalised for any decision. The result is enough chastening.
Depression might not show in the countenance.
The happiest countenance could be hiding the most depressed mind.
Even the worst behaved person can behave well after a little performance appraisal.
The warmest smile can light up the dullest atmosphere
Never give up on doing good.
That soul needs to be loved!

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